Weekly Update

Gone Vogueing

4 / 52

So this weekend I eded up seeing some of you in Vogue Knitting Live. One of my favorite things that I look forward to is attending it. It is when I see a lot of the people who I have meet online because of a similar interest, an interest that interlock us all together. Yes! that was corny, and I am aware.

This VKL is one of best that I have been to because people that I do not know have come up to me telling me that they follow me, and I am pretty much a yarn celebrity. I absolutely find that baffling. I was not really expecting to be a somebody, but I notice I am slowly building a momentum of constant followers this year.

Again this years Vogue Yarn Haul  was pretty small. I was able to spend under $200 which was pretty surprising, Especially since I was thinking that I am going to go over my budget.

Again this years Vogue Yarn Haul was pretty small. I was able to spend under $200 which was pretty surprising, Especially since I was thinking that I am going to go over my budget.

Time to Grow Up Buttercup


I apologize that my post was late. I just had to take some personal days for myself especially since I have to try to figure things out. In the past week, I ended up taking Truvada. If you don't know what Truvada is here we go. Truvada is a supplement you can take every day, and it take to lower the risk of contracting HIV. Besides knitting one of the things where I am passionate at is volunteering at LGBT centers that talks about safe sex. This past week personal growth is learning how to grow up. I absolutely think that I was mature of me to go to the doctor to get me started on Truvada.

I love my parents however a part of me still feels like I am treated like a child. Since I am an only son it makes sense why my parents would still want to hold tighter. Our relationship is not tragic or bad, we love each other. But we have to move on to the part where I become independent for which I am. The longer that I leave on my own here in college. I am thinking more about my future, and I want to make sure that I stick my landing.

This week in the world of Knitting I was not able to knit a lot. However I have something that I am working on, and I am almost in the midpoint of this project. I am excited to show you guys in the future.

Also this week someone was getting rid of their stash and they were able to give me a box of yarn. I am so thankful and so excited for that donation to feed more of my yarn addiction.

Don't Wait to Feel it.


Today during the end of the first week I learned an important lesson. Usually in the beginning of the year people try to make yearly resolution, but what about a lesson. A rule that I am going to I learn for myself this year is the lesson of:

“Don’t wait to feel it.”

The problem that I faced last year is not doing enough things. I would end up pump myself up to do something, and then I don’t deliver. I always block myself of doing certain things. I just really need to learn how to slay the beast and not worry about if I achieve at something or fail.

Knitting has been something that I do for comfort, now it is time to step up the game, and broaden my reach to do something else with it.

I finally had the time to post the video of my fall yarn haul. It took a lot to edit the video, and the video shows what yarn I have collected. The video features yarn from Events like New Jersey Sheep and Fiber Festival and New York Sheep and Fiber, and a couple trunk shows.


Besides working on the video this week I actually was busy with work, and I also ended up doing a photoshoot with my good friend Corrado (check out his Ravelry). We had a blast as we worked on the shoots. He is a pretty great designer, and you should check him out.


The images that are posted of Corrado and his projects are things that are past shoots we have done.. The shoot that was currently photograph are not yet ready to share. They will be released in a couple of weeks.

The projects that is currently on my needles is a shawl for my friend that is the image below.

the knit owl 1-8-19-1.jpg

This current project is the La Crau shawl by Melanie Berg. The yarn that is being used are 2 skeins of Marianated Yarns and a skein of Madelinetosh.

I want to welcome this new year, and the adventures that it will take us. I also want to tell people who get pressured with the new year about their New Years resolutions not to worry. Just do it!