An Unexpected Hiatus

5/52- 9/52

I have been so busy and my weeks consist of a sewing class early at 8:30 am. Luckily I live on campus because I would not be able to drive here from where my parents live. Since a lot of the class I have are very early, and I have some classes the end late. Then after my sewing class, I have to go to my Italian class that meets twice a week. I tried French last spring, and that was just tragic. Mi piace parlare italiano. On Tuesday’s I have my fashion History and I actually enjoy the class due to the fact that it is a class that I can digest. History is one of my favorite subjects. Then after my history class, I have a Studio Art class and on what we are working on Adobe Premier. My Wednesday class consist of a Macroeconomics class and currently, that is one of my only class that I am actually able to knit in that class. Then Thursdays I have an art Lecture about looking. It is actually a very interesting class. Then after that, I have the second part of my Italian Class.

So what is currently on my needles are 3 pairs of socks, bees I need something that is small and mindless at the movement and I am making sure I want to get back in the blogging again soon.

I am so sorry for my absence. I am drowning with a lot of work at the moment. Something interesting is I actually going to be starting a session with a few knitting friends online for a Dungeons and Dragons campaign.